ios 15 features

iOS 15 has a ton of new features, but it won’t work on older devices unless they’re equipped with the new A12 Bionic chips. MacRumors speculates that the limitation could be due to performance. Newer devices are equipped with a second-generation Neural Engine for faster on-device processing. Here are some of the other new features of iOS 15.

Drag and drop in apps

When using drag and drop in iOS 15 apps, a visual cue appears on the top-right corner of the dragged item. Once the user has dragged the item, it moves in the direction of the ‘+’ icon. Draggable items are also ‘paste-able’ and remain in the same location after the drag is complete. The dragging gesture is simple but requires a little thinking on your part.

When you want to move something between apps, you can use drag and drop. You can use it with any content, including photos, files, and text. Just hold down one finger on each item, and then drag it to the destination app. The selected items will be moved together. Once they are in their new location, you can tap on the dragged item to copy it. This method works across apps, so it’s great for transferring large files or moving photos.

Another new feature of iOS 15 is drag and drop, which lets users easily move content from one app to another. Users simply long-press on the content they want to transfer, then drag and drop it to the app they want. This works for text, images, and documents, too. It’s one of the most convenient features of iOS 15.

Using drag and drop in iOS 15 apps has several benefits, including the ability to move text and URLs from one app to another. You can also move multiple photos from one app to another by dragging them to another. You can also move multiple photos by selecting the first photo and then dropping the others in different locations. Drag and drop is great for sharing photos with others, but it also speeds up image sharing. You can use the Photos app as your source and any social apps you use.

Another new feature that users will appreciate is the ability to drag and drop content between apps. While this functionality has been present on the iPad since 2017, it’s finally coming to the iPhone. Drag and drop is useful for people who frequently use multiple apps and don’t want to repeat the same process. You’ll be saving time and energy by not having to repeat the same steps. But the main advantage of drag and drop is that you can move items from one app to another without having to retype anything.

Changing font size in individual apps

Changing font size in individual apps on iOS 15 is easy, but how do you do it? Here are some steps:

On iOS 15, you can change the font size of individual apps with the Text Size control. Previously, this feature was absent from iOS 14. If you want to change the font size of specific apps, you can open the Control Center and click the “aA” icon to enable this feature. After you have added it, you can change the font size of all your apps. You can also access the Control Center and select the app that you wish to change the font size in.

Previously, you could only change the font size of your entire operating system. But now, you can change the font size in individual apps. iOS 15 allows you to choose from 12 different font size levels, including the default system font. In iOS 15, you can also choose to change the font size of a particular app by opening it. After you’ve done this, just swipe the slider down until you reach the desired font size.

Changing font size in individual apps is simple, but it’s important to note that text size changes are often finicky. Once you’ve made the changes, your new font size won’t match until you open that app again. So make sure you’re careful to read what you’re reading. This will prevent you from being confused later on. You should be able to change font size in individual apps without any trouble.

Changing font size in individual apps on iOS 15 is easy, but you’ll need to jailbreak your device to do it. Alternatively, you can contact the developer of your app to change the size. To use the option, open the Control Center and swipe down from the top-right corner of the screen. Select the “Text Size” icon, and then tap the green plus sign on the right side.

Improved Maps app

Apple has released an updated Maps app for iOS 15. The new version will feature new details like marinas and commercial districts, plus hundreds of custom-designed landmarks. Apple also added elevation and different colors for roads and buildings. In addition, Maps will feature nighttime modes and “moonlit glow,” so users can view their route at night. In addition, users will be able to view ETAs, which will provide a better sense of their progress.

The improved Maps app for iOS 15 will also offer more details about the roads, including bus lanes and cab routes. It will also display information about crosswalks and other minor details. Another great addition to the map is 3D modeling. Depending on the type of map, you can see what your route will look like in real time before you take the next step. This feature will also make it easier to follow directions if you’re driving.

Apple’s new Maps app will also offer new 3D views of cities. With the new 3D mapping data, you can easily see the location of landmarks and buildings. You can also see the color of buildings and commercial districts. And if you’re traveling at night, you can activate a moonlit glow to see if the streets are illuminated. If you’re looking for a new route to take, the updated Maps app will be a great help.

The new maps app for iOS 15 will also feature an improved night mode. The night mode will also add more information about road conditions and elevation. The new map will also include an interactive globe for better navigation. Apple Maps also includes elevation data. As a result, you can get more accurate directions without having to worry about glares and snow. This will make traveling more enjoyable. If you’re traveling during the night, this new version of Apple’s Maps app will make it easier to see the terrain in real time.

Moreover, iOS 15 also includes a new interactive globe. Previously, when you zoomed out in Maps, you’d see a flat world map. But now, you can zoom out in 3D to see the Earth from space. The new 3D globe view will not be available on iPhones prior to the iPhone XR. So, make sure you’re using an iPhone XR if you want to take advantage of this new feature.

Improved Messages app

The Messages app is a favorite among iPhone users who regularly send and receive texts. Its clean interface and simple operation make it an easy way to stay in touch with friends and family. iOS 15 adds several features to the Messages app, including system-wide content checking, improved photo browsing, and the annual change to Memoji. Read on to learn about these new features and how they might help you stay connected on the go.

The Messages app has some major changes, including some great new features for syncing and pinning. Pinning is a useful way to save your conversations so you can quickly find them later. Additionally, you can specify the time at which you’d like to receive notifications for non-urgent items. This way, you won’t have to miss any important notifications. One new feature in iOS 15 is Focus mode, which makes it easier to focus on important messages and block incoming ones.

Photos are stored in a special section within Messages. When sending photos, you can choose a specific order to display them. If you’re not sure how to sort photos, try swiping through your messages. You can also select photos and share them. Apple also added country-specific features to address spam. In Brazil, it has an on-device intelligence that filters unwanted SMS messages and organizes them into folders for you. In China, you can opt to receive notifications for transactions, promotions, and unknown senders.

Shared with You and Messages: When someone sends you a message, it will automatically be saved in the Shared with You section of the app that opens that content. This feature also works well with many other apps. The news tab will also save shared playlists and articles from Messages. This feature is also compatible with Apple TV. Messages will no longer be the only feature in iOS 15.

Memoji: Another new feature in iOS 15 is the Memoji accessibility assistant, which powers both the Messages and FaceTime apps. The new Memoji has added accessibility options, including cochlear implants, oxygen tubes, and a soft helmet. Siri can also announce incoming messages in CarPlay. It’s important to backup your phone before downloading iOS 15.